Free Habbo Credits


Free Habbo Coins


How to earn your free Habbo credits
Are you wondering how to get credits on Habbo? Do you want to be a Habbo VIP? Just follow the simple steps below!

1) Use the "earn coins" link at the top of the page and register a new account. It only takes 20 seconds, we promise!

2) Fill in our sponsors research surveys and earn free coins for

3) Request cash out and collect your coins.

4) Don't use your Habbo password when you register, we don't want it!

Now you can play Habbo for free. If you have any more questions please visit the FAQ, alternatively you can use the chatbox in the bottom right hand corner to talk to us.

Safety tips
When visiting other websites remember that there is no such thing as a Habbo hacking tool, credit generator or furniture doubler no matter how convincingly it is sold to you or how tempting it might sound.

To avoid getting keylogged or otherwise infected and having your personal and pivate information stolen don't download executable files and certainly never from any Habbo fansite.

Never use your Habbo password as a password for anything else and make sure you only ever enter it on the official Habbo website, try to use unique passwords on every website you visit.




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