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"I love this site, it still works after a lot of time, these guys should be credited for all their work and dedication to help people like me get something worthwhile on habbo. Thanks you guys!"


"I love I played habbo for a few months and never really got to enjoy habbo up untill I started using this site. with this site I was able to make a lot of coins for hc and vip, the only thing I dislike about this site is that sometimes the surveys don't work for me"


"I honestly thought this was another scam site, so I tried a couple of surveys out and was surprised that I actually earned some points. So I headed to the shop and bought 20c. To my amazement, it worked! The account had a sack waiting for me. Thanks!"


"This site is very unique! I've been looking for something like this for a while! You are very smart people and also I think you could add more than just gb and sacks to the shop.. otherwise perfecto!"


"I love Free Habbo Credits in general this site gives us a chance who may not be allowed to purchase Habbo credits since they're expensive and hard to get hold off. With free Habbo credits users will have a chance to have fun with Habbo itself and use all of its features for free"


"Hey , I have always been scammed by other websites but this is the only website I can trust for Habbo now , thank you so much for the creator of this website! I will carry on using this website!! "


"I heard about FreeHabboCredits on YouTube and there were alot of positive comments so I decided to try it. I like how you don't need our password so I defiantly know you don't scam. Thanks xD"


"Hello! I have registered for yahoo answers and I entered is there any pages which aren't a scam And I believed this one so much. I love this page this page is the one I have been looking for since I started Habbo and every one else had credits and furni except me "


"I think that it is good because it is a nice way to earn some credits beside going on Habbo and waiting DAYS for it to proceed but with this it is quick and simple! I find it simple and it should be more popular with more Habbos"


" is a very trustworthy website. It allows people who struggle with Habbo earnings to have the best time with your Habbo account. It sure does make you happier knowing that you can earn Habbo coins when people on Habbo scam"


"This site is a huge asset to the Habbo community. It can easily transform a poor Habbo into a relatively wealthy Habbo. Many Habbos can receive sacks and goldbars very quickly."


"The first time I found out about this website was on a YouTube video I thought it just another scam website unti I tried it out And I must say I am extremely happy with this website"


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