Free Habbo Credits


Here are some of the most common questions you ask us!
Q) Is this a scam
No. It isn't. We give you "free" credits when you fill in surveys. The term free is in inverted commas because we consider the time you spend filling in the surveys and the information you provide to our sponsors payment for those credits. In other words we are happy to exchange Habbo credits for your opinions. Also, we do not ask you for your Habbo password and we are verified as safe by leading internet security firms such as Mcafee SiteAdvisor, Norton and PhishTank.
Q) How will you trade me the coins?
When you purchase credits from the shop the system gives you a disposable Habbo account which you log on to and collect your coins. This might seem a bit longwinded but it is the only way we have found to automate payments for you as Habbo do not allow credits to be gifted.
Q) Where do you get your credits?
Existing wealth, marketplace trading, trading with other players and occasionally by purchasing them directly from Habbo when they run double credit promotions.
Q) I filled in a survey but didn't get any credits, what happened?
This can happen if you didn't fill out a survey correctly or if the advertiser decided your information was invalid/fraudlent. Always fill in surveys from your home internet connection, fill them in honestly and read the terms and conditions. If you did all that and still didn't get paid you can contact us using the live chat support box, if we are offline simply leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible!
Q) Why has my ability to cashout been suspended? I havent done anything wrong!
This happens automatically when the system detects behaviour that is consistent with fraud and means you need to open a support ticket to talk it through with us.  We realise this may be inconvenient and annoying if you are legitimate user but please appreciate that in order to keep our payouts as high as possible we have to be careful not to reward users for fraudulent activity that our sponsors are not going to pay us for.
Q) I've run out of surveys! What can I do now?
If you run out of surveys you might be interested in earning extra free credits by becoming one of our affiliates. Visit the "Tell friends" section of your dashboard to get your unique bonus code and referral link. You can use your referral link to advertise FreeHabboCredits in exchange for 25% of any credits the users you send to us earn. You can also get  a 5 credit bonus for every user that signs up with your bonus code and completes a survey.
Q) Could I get banned from Habbo for using this webiste?
No. Although you could get banned for advertising it in game. Habbo don't have time to check the credibility of every fansite you visit and it is generally assumed within the community that any website advertising free Habbo credits must be a scam. Players and moderators alike make this assumption because it is generally true.

99.99% of all websites promising free Habbo credits are in fact scams run by people who want to steal your account information. However, our agenda is differrent... we get paid when you fill in our surveys so it is in our very best interest to keep you happy as a customer and make sure you are paid your Habbo credits!

Remember not to use your Habbo password for any other website and not to enter it anywhere except the official Habbo page!
Q) Do Habbo support websites like FreeHabboCredits?
In 2012 Habbo gave explicit permission for websites like ours to operate.

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